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Eating out is always exciting because every restaurant offers something different for their customers. Every restaurant is proud of the food that they offer and they all taste good. With that, it may be a bit thrilling to look at what they have to offer. 

Here at Gigi’s Pizza House, we have a nice menu that gives our customers the right to choose whatever they want to eat. With that, we made sure that we can offer them a lot so that they can appreciate variety instead of being stuck with some limited choices. Here is a quick rundown of everything that may be seen on our menu once you visit us. 


Pizza is one of the best comfort foods that people usually go for. Whether it may be on a thick crust or on a thin one, people love it. Indeed, it is with every slice of these round wonders that provide goodness after every bite. 

To match your preference, we made sure to have five different sizes of pizza. Here are the sizes which you may choose from. 

  • Small (S): 12” 
  • Medium (M): 14”
  • Large (LG)*: 16” 
  • Extra Large (XL)*: 18”

* Includes one free dipping sauce with any large, extra large, or party pizza


Now that you know the different sizes of our pizza, then it’s time that you learn more about the pizza flavours that we offer. 

  • Cheese 

Price: $8.99 (S) | $12.99 (M) | $14.99 (LG) | $16.99 (XL) | $19.99 (Party)

Indulge yourself in some cheesy goodness that will definitely keep you excited for another bite. Here, we make use of several variants of cheese to really make every bite memorable. 

  • Pepperoni 

Price: $9.99 (S) | $13.99 (M) | $15.99 (LG) | $19.99 (XL) | $20.99 (Party)

Enjoy a bit of spice with every pepperoni piece on your pizza. Matched with a nice tomato sauce, we made sure that you can enjoy every bite with this flavour, especially when it’s served hot. 

  • 3 toppings 

Price: $10.99 (S) | $14.99 (M) | $16.99 (LG) | $20.99 (XL) | $23.99 (Party)

Feel free to customize your own pizza by choosing your top three pizza toppings and incorporating them into one great pizza. 

  • 5 toppings

Price: $11.99 (S) | $15.99 (M) | $18.99 (LG) | $21.99 (XL) | $24.99 (Party)

This is similar to the former one. However, with this option, you can combine up to five toppings of your choice. 


Curious about what you can place on top of your pizza for the last two options? Here are your options. 

  • Meat

Anchovies, bacon, chicken, ham, pepperoni, ground beef, sausage

  • Fruits and vegetables  

Artichokes, black olives, green olives, green peppers, hot banana peppers, hot chili flakes, jalapeno peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, pineapple, chopped tomatoes

  • Others

Feta cheese, fresh garlic, extra cheese (counts as two toppings)

Baked panzerotti 

Price: $5.99 (Small: 9”) | $11.99 (Large: 12”)

Quite similar to a calzone, a panzerotti is baked or fried. When you order from us, you can expect that there are three toppings inside. Should you wish to add more, then that will cost $1 each. 

Italian sandwiches 

We also offer sandwiches for those who opt to have something that is easier to eat. Including some sauteed mushrooms, sweet and hot peppers, and onions, our customers can choose from two variants of sandwiches. 

  • Meatball sandwich: $5.99
  • Veal sandwich: $6.99

Sadly, our sandwiches are not available on Sundays. It may be best for you to visit between Mondays to Saturdays if you want to try these.


Nothing can ever complete a nice Italian food experience than pasta. Considered as a staple food in Italy, people across the world have also seen this as a staple part of various occasions. As pasta may describe the noodles that are being used as well as the recipes being followed, there are endless possibilities to how this can actually be enjoyed. 

All of our pasta dishes are available for only $7.99. Here are some of the pasta dishes that we offer. 

  • Penne with meat sauce 

With this recipe, our customers will enjoy a flavorful meaty experience with every bite. As it was made with penne, our customers can expect that the flavours can be enjoyed from inside out. 

  • Spaghetti with butter and cheese

Made with spaghetti pasta, this recipe boasts of a creamy and tasty sauce that is made with butter and cheese. Unlike other restaurants, we don’t make use of eggs in our recipe. But our customers can still really enjoy the rich taste and flavours that this dish has. 

  • Spaghetti with meatballs 

This recipe resembles the typical red-sauce recipe that spaghetti noodles are best made for. Aside from its rich tomato flavour, another distinct taste that can be enjoyed from this recipe is the beefy flavour of the meatballs. With its appealing taste and looks, this recipe is considered as the bestseller for our young customers. 

  • Lasagna 

Made with a nice combination of bechamel sauce and of tomato sauce, our customers are given the chance to dive through layers of cheesy goodness. With a nice layer of cheese on top and some rich flavours at the bottom, every bite becomes worth it. 

We serve different kinds of pasta per day. Sadly, these are also unavailable on Sundays. 


Price: $8.49 (1 lb) | $16.99 (2 lbs) | $21.99 (3 lbs) | $26.99 (4 lbs)

Aside from the traditional Italian dishes, we also serve flavoured chicken wings. These are best matched with a slice of pizza or a plate of pasta. You may choose to order many of the same flavour or a few of each. 

Despite the fact that they are covered in sauce, what we can guarantee about these wings is that they are still very crispy once you bite them. Still, we highly suggest that you eat them while they’re hot to savour their flavours better. 

Here are some of the sauces that we have available.  

  • BBQ
  • Bold BBQ
  • Buffalo
  • Hot
  • Honey Garlic 
  • Medium 
  • Mild 


If you are one of our customers who prefer eating something healthier, then we also have something for you. In fact, we have two variants of salads that you can choose from. Indeed, these salads are healthy and they can very much refresh your palate after having eaten a lot. 

These also serve as a nice light snack if you love salads. Here’s what we have at Gigi’s Pizza House. 

  • Gigi’s House Salad 

Price: $5.99

This is a special salad which we specifically made for our customers. Fresh and flavourful, this salad will surely be a good addition to your table when you order from us. This salad is made with fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, celery, red onion, and our homemade vinaigrette dressing. 

  • Caesar Salad

Price: $7.99

If we have our very own salad, then we also have one of the crowd-favourites. With that, here is our special take on the popular Caesar salad. In our recipe, we make use of fresh romaine lettuce, croutons, grilled chicken, our homemade Caesar dressing, and lots of parmesan cheese. 


Aside from our salads and wings, we also have different side dishes which you may want to try out. 

  • French fries 

Price: $2.99

Enjoy potatoes in a different light as it gets cooked in a crispy way. Best dipped in a special sauce or just plainly topped with salt, it is undeniable that this is always a good side dish choice. 

  • Garlic bread with cheese

Price: $2.99

Who can’t say no to garlic bread? Whether it may be baked, toasted, or pan fried, this is always a nice thing to eat. This is also best paired with any type of pasta.

  • Poutine 

Price: $4.99

Enjoy another take on the traditional french fries as it gets combined with cheese curds and a tasty gravy. If you haven’t tried this one yet, then we highly suggest that you do. 


Pair your meals with some drinks that you can get for only $1. We have bottled waters as well as some colas which you may want to choose from.


All the prices that we had mentioned are already inclusive of tax. Still, we would like to remind our customers that these are all subject to change from time to time. With that, we highly suggest that you come and visit us to learn more about the changes in price. Aside from that, it will also be nice for you to know about our new products as well as our new promos. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give these meals a try when you visit us. We hope to serve you some of our best meals soon!

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